Fair in NIksic

This year, we continue with the tradition of organising Okov home fairs. The first in the series, was held in the store in Niksic. On Saturday, 21st of February, our customers had the opportunity to trade with a discount of at least 15% on the full range of products, with special fair products. Beside the sales benefits, they also could taste grilled meats, juices, cakes and beer. As usual, customers have enjoyed in shopping, interesting competitions nad had fun. Hereby we would like to thank all the visitors and promise new activities soon.

Okov birthday fair

This weekend, on 29th and 30th of November, Okov has celebrated its twentieth birthday! Our guests were representatives of global brands that we represent. Italian chef with a Michelin star was preparing culinary specialities for visitors. Competitions, big prize game and more contents contributed to the good atmosphere and our customers were having a really good time. On Sunday we were all together singing birthday song and blew out 20 candles on big birthday cake. In addition to this, we offered to visitors minimum 15% discount on our complete assortment, free cakes, juices, Tuborg beer and of course the best grilled meat. Dear customers, thank you for giving us support for 20 years!

Okov sea adventure

On Saturday, 22nd of November, we organised Home fair in Okov retail stores in coastal cities. On that day, the citizens of Herceg Novi, Kotor, Budva, Bar and Ulcinj had the opportunity to experience the magic of Okov sea adventure. Except the traditional discount on the full range of products of minimum - 15%, for our customers, we had prepared and the occasional snack with canapés and wine Plantaze. Great interest also attracted special game "Buried Treasure" in which we divided a large number of valuable gifts. Dear customers, we hereby would like to thank you for large attendance, pleasant atmosphere and companionship!

New bigger retail store in shopping center Bazar!

On 13th of November we opened new bigger retail store in shopping center Bazar. Except 15% discount on the full range of products, our visitors could buy special fair products at even greater discounts. Male part of population were expecially enthusiastic, because now it this store they can buy everything they need from hardware, tools, garden programs and many other products. As always at the openings, this one was also followed by great attendance of our loyal customers.

Fair in Berane

Last Saturday, on 18th of October, we organised a fair in Berane. As usual, positive atmosphere and a great followed that day. According to rich content of the event, everyone could find something interesting to buy . Big discounts, competitions, the best grilled meat, beer, cakes, coffee, music ... and much more, all contributed that our customers were really satisfied. We wil continue with this tradition, expect more surprices!

The visit of the youngest craftsmen

Tuesday, 14th of October, we have been visited by children from kindergarten Pinocchio. We walked together through store, talked about craftsmen and how to become a craftsman. Also, clown entertained children, played with them and made a great atmosphere. Later, while eating candies and drawing, children summarized their impressions what they have been seen that day. They were visibly impressed and also asked when they can come and visit us again. We made small presents for them, t-shirts. Children, happy and satisfied, said goodbye, singing song marched from our store. It was our pleasure to hang out with them.

Fair in Danilovgrad

Saturday 22th of September - another Okov Fair! This time in Danilovgrad! Crowds at the cash registers in the early morning, a 15% discount on the full range of products, special fair products at even greater discounts, barbecue specialties and toast with Nikšićko beer have marked this day. Although the weather was not on our side, a very positive atmosphere followed the Fair. Customers were very satisfied with the offer of products and they also were willing to play with us. The best participants in competitions, which became the traditional content of our fairs, of course got gifts. Intense rain did not stop our customers to visit us. The fair lasted up to 21h. We would like to thank the citizens of Danilovgrad for their trust and great attendance. And we promise more fairs soon in our retail centers.

New Retail Store in Berane

On 31th of July we opened our new retail store in Berane. In addition to the standard offer consisting of hardware, tools, garden program, painting materials, electrical materials, new store is enriched with a range of products for housing. In our new store in Berane you will find dishes, beddings, curtains, plastic products, small household appliances and components for the bathroom. The store is organized on three levels and it is located at Dusan Vujoševića 14/16 street on the Berane - Andrijevica main road. With appropriate cultural-artistic program for customers on opening day we also provided a 15% discount on full assortment. All this has resulted in large attendance and a very pleasant shopping atmosphere.

OKOV – No. 1

It is out pleasure to inform you that in first QUDAL research in Montenegro for 2014/2015 (www.qudal.com), consumers - Montenegrin citizens evaluated that Okov offers them the greatest level of quality for services and best offer in assortment for housing and arranging gardens in Montenegro. Winning first place reflects the largest number of votes that we were given by the respondents (consumers in Montenegro) and that positioned us to first place in quality - ahead of our direct competitors! QUDAL QUALITY research in Montenegro carrieed out Swiss house ICERTIAS on a sample of 1,200 web respondents, only citizens of Montenegro, by CAWI - DEEPMA method (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing - Deep Mind Awareness).

Big Okov Home Fair in Podgorica!

As most of you already know, marking our jubilee - 20 years of existence - this year we have been organizing home fairs all across Montenegro. After Nikšić, Pljevlja and Bijelo Polje, Podgorica's turn has come. On Saturday and Sunday, 31st of May and 1st of June, our biggest trade center on Stari Aerodrom was visited by more than impressive 15,000 people! We were all enjoying the best holiday atmosphere so far: traditional 15%-discount, music, Nikšićko beer and barbecue that was never better, the tastiest homemade muffins and entertaining competitions with valuable gifts for the handiest and fastest ones. A special touch to everything was given by our youngest visitors, who in great number chose to spend their weekend with parents right at our premises. Our heart is full while we are looking at the photos and collecting our impressions. We are aware that, in 20 years, we have become a part of every workshop and every family in Montenegro and, with this fair, we wanted to show you how much we appreciate the trust you are showing to us. Finally - friends, thank you for your contribution to organizing - without doubt - the most positive event of this weekend!

An Interview on "Okov" in 3e Consulting Bulletin

An interview with the owner of our company, Gojko Bajović, appeared in the April issue of "3e News" Bulletin. He answered questions on history of the company, implementation of LET'S DOIT sales concept, revealing our future plans and projects we already work on. You can find the interview here: http://www.okov.me/razno/3eNews0414.png

Home Fair in Bijelo Polje

On Saturday, 12th of April, we organized one more fair, this time in Bijelo Polje. We offered 15% discount on complete assortment with special fair products with even bigger discounts. Like other our fairs, this fair also included entertaining competitions for children and adults, and our customers could enjoy in tasting bargecue specialities, juices and Bavaria beer. All these activities are becoming tradition in our company and our experience has shown that fair visitors are very satisfied with fair organisation and offer. Fair in Bijelo Polje was successful, like all previous, so we are motivated to continue organizing these and similar activities more offen.

Home fair in Pljevlja!

On Saturday, 22nd of March, Pljevlja joined the list of host-towns of Okov home fair, our manifestation that can already be considered traditional. With 15% discount on complete assortment, on that day we provided some interesting products on special fair prices for our customers. A number of Pljevljacs took part in our entertaining competitions - children kart race, wheelbarrow race for adults, speed hanging of clothes on rope and masters' quiz - and we adequately awarded most successful among them. All our customers traditionally enjoyed free homemade barbecue, delicious muffins, Nikšićko beer, juices and coffee. Outstandingly big number of visitors shows that we managed to find the right way to give something back to the local community for years of marvelous cooperation. And while the people of Pljevlja are still under impressions, we are already preparing the next fair... Can you guess where it will take place?

Okov Home Fair in Nikšić!

First Okov Home Fair in Nikšić took place on Saturday, 22th of February. On that day we offered to visitors 15%-discount on our complete assortment, with a number of products on special - even bigger - fair reductions. We also organized entertaining competitions with awards for the best participants, and we provided free barbecue, cookies, Nikšićko beer, juices and coffee for all of our customers. The reason for organizing this event was our wish to do something special for people from Nikšić, considering more than 10 years of work and successful cooperation in that town. We thank our customers for showing their loyalty one more time and attending to the event in large number. In the end, we promise that this fair in only the first in a row of activities of this kind.

New awards for the best company to work for!

Once again this year consulting company "Blue Coach" has carried out a research on working conditions in Montenegrin companies. This time we won the Award for the third place in the category "Best big company to work for". What makes us specially proud are two special honors we received: Award for Team Spirit and Award for Company that Provides Equal Opportunities for Everyone! This research is another confirmation of our commitment to building friendly work atmosphere inside of our company, based on mutual respect and protecting of rights and personality of each our employee.

Celebrating the birthday fair!

According to 19th birthday of our company, we have organized a traditional fair. More than 10,000 people visited fair and all visitors enjoyed in free barbecue grills, cakes, juice and Niksic beer. In addition, we organized four competitons, and the best participans got valuable gifts. Great offer, customised to each customer, special discounts and discounts 15% on a full range of products resulted in mutual satisfaction.

New Okov in Radanovići!

It is our pleasure to inform you that on 4th of July we opened a new retail center in Radanovici. On more than 1100 square meters, in a trade center with huge parking lot, located just by the Adriatic main road, you can find our complete range of product, with usually low prices and the best service. We are waiting for you in Radanovići!


Fitting decided to be a general agent of Hitachi's bike tools primarily due to the high level of quality and relationship quality was the price. This tool is also known for its long service life and excellent design. In this area have received numerous awards. It has long promoted environment. The purpose of this move is the realization of recycling.


We have got one more official recognition for our work! The consulting company "Blue Coach" which was researching 26 companies, performing the examination on more than 1100 employed examinees, brought us even two major awards: the first one for the best large company for work in Montenegro and the second one for large company with the best interpersonal relationship. These prestigious awards are confirmation that we have achieved the success that we have always cared the most in the Okov company - we provide fair and pleasant working environment with absolute respect and mutual respect between all staff in the team. These awards are the proof that we take care about the human and moral values which are essential for business prosperity, and even more important than it. Neither this success, nor the Okov overall contribution to the Montenegrin economy, would be possible without you dear customers, showing us the confidence for years. "Blue Coach" awards will serve us as an extra motivation and responsibility - we promise that we will continue to remain the best!


01.12.2012, OKOV Company Ltd celebrated 18 years of their existence. As result of our growth and development we have 13 sale centers, with a wide range of products of renowned manufacturers. The measure of our success are happy customers, employees, business partners and the wider community. We celebrated 18-th birthday in all our centers offering a discount of 18% on the entire range, and we were organized in Podgorica the Home Fair, where customers were given 18% of discount in addition , were enjoyed the best barbecue, The Beer of Nikšićko and Coca Cola.


August 30, 2012 the city of Pljevlja got a new OKOV SALES CENTER.

With the opening of a large shopping center and with the introduction of a new range of products, we wanted to meet the expectations of our customers, which that day was justified by a large number of visitors.

Beside the existing assortment of hardware, tools, garden programs, paints and varnishes, we introduced totally new assortment of kitchenware, plastic products, bedding, drapery, kitchen appliances and many more from renowned manufacturers. On the opening day we ensured to the customers a 15% discount on the entire range, and to be more pleasant, all them were served with cookies. In addition, each customer has received a gift. OKOV – from master to master

A real fair from a true master!

Organizing home fairs have really become our tradition. This is the sixth in a row fair that has met our expectations because of the large number of visitors, as well as the customers’ expectations for enjoying the remarkable contents of the fair. Beside the display and presentation of the products from the world renowned manufacturers, on the 12th and 13th of May, the customers had real discounts: 15% on the whole product range, 30% on the fair products and “trophy hunt” up to 70%. To make the satisfaction of purchase even greater, everyone had the opportunity to enjoy a free barbecue and drinks. Being that our customers are accustomed to honest and valuable gifts, this year we decided to assign a voucher worth 1,000 Euro to spend in OKOV shopping centers.

Another OKOV store in Budva, Bijeli Do, Street of Prva proleterska S-51 – 01.12.2011.

First of December our company has celebrated 17 anniversary and bussines cooperation. This date we have celebrated with opening of one more retail store specialized in dishes and household product, which was 13-th in our sales network. First of December the city of Budva became richer by one more OKOV retail store. Beside the existing shopping center where you can buy chains, tools, garden and other products now you can buy completely new assortment: dishes, cutlery, plastic products, bedding, kitchen textiles and many more household products. Each product of European renowned manufacturers of high quality, with very reasonable prices.

Our assortment offers a wide range of bedding made of high quality materials in combination with polyester, cotton or 100% of the silk and satin and a large selection of blankets pillows, towels and kitchen textiles.

Your particular attention will be attracted by products like small appliances, hand-held mixers, silicone and wood products, which represent excellent help in the kitchen. There are also plastic products, ironing boards, dryers and many others products.

Another OKOV Sales Center in Nikšić, in the Street of Nika Miljanića 24 – 14.04.2011.

It is about the former shop in the Street of Nika Miljanića number 24, which was renovated and adapted for selling the totally new products from our range. We would like to highlight that this is the first specialized shop for dishes from our large sales network with many others household products. The offer consists of wide range of tableware and household products of the famous world manufacturers, such as: Eme – Italian cutlery, Coronet – cleaning products of the German manufacturer, Meliconi and Colombo - dryers and bins of the Italian manufacturers. On the opening day the customers were given the discount of the 15% which was applicable on whole range.

What consumers can expect in the future are constant promotions, best prices, as well as the constant introducing of the new brands in order to meet on the best way the customers’ needs and desires.

New store OKOV in Niksic – In the Street Bulevar 13. Jula from 03.02.2011.

From the third of February the old master will be moved to the new location - In the Street Bulevar 13. Jula. The first steps of our business in Niksic were made in store which was located in the Street Nika Miljanića number 24. From indicated consumer confidence, which day by day was growing, we decided to relocate store in new larger retail center, and expand it from 140 m² to 1000 m² . The new shopping center was built according to the modern European standards.

Our current and future customers in the offer can find chains, tools, paints and varnishes, electrical material and garden program. Something totally new in the offer are built-in appliances, sinks, drinking fountains and bathroom accessories of the renowned manufacturers. New center has a coffee bar in order to make shopping more comfortable.

The inauguration was attended by numerous representatives of the brands that we represent, business partners and associates. For all customers, the opening of the new center was marked by great action and special discounts up to 15% of the entire assortment, and each customer was given a gift, it was enough just to show the account.

That everyone had eagerly waited for the opening of new retail center was confirmed by the photos of thousands of customers who had visited our center that day.

Sales Center in Golubovci - 17.03.2011

One more OKOV Sales Center in Golubovci, in the former building of Zećanka, on 400 square meters, with provided parking place. The sales is organized on three levels: basement, ground floor and first floor. The consumers can find in our offer: hardware, hand and power tools, garden program, electrical supplies, paints, varnishes and wide range of household products.

The inauguration of the Sales Center was followed by big promotion that lasted till March 31, 2011, as well as by special discount of 15% on opening day applicated on whole range of products.

What consumers can expect from the OKOV Sales Center in Golubovci are introducing a new brands, as well as a numerous promotions.