1. General Conditions

1.1. Posto card allows the customers of company Okov d.o.o. to acquire and use the sales benefits in the form of discount in all retail shops that operate within Okov d.o.o.

1.2. Posto card is not a payment card.

1.3. The issuer and proprietor of Posto card is Okov d.o.o.

1.4. Posto card is issued free of charge.

1.5. The right to own a Posto card is granted to every adult individual, as well as to every legal entity established in Montenegro.

1.6. By accepting this card, the user of the Posto card also accepts all the conditions for issuing and using the Posto card listed in this Rule book.


2. Issuing Posto Card

2.1. Posto card is issued by Okov d.o.o., situated in 26 Josipa Broza Tita Street, in Podgorica, upon filling in The Application for Posto card by the customer.

2.2. Posto card is issued for an indefinite period of time and is valid until cancellation.

2.3. The application form for Posto card may be acquired in all Okov retail shops.

2.4. The customer can also fill in The application for Posto card on the website

2.5. After the reception of The application, Okov d.o.o. shall print out the Posto card, and deliver it to the retail shop chosen by the user of the card, within 7 days from the day of reception of The Application.

2.6. The Posto card can be taken over from the shop solely by the user of the card personally, with snippet from the Posto Card application with the partner's card ID.

2.7. Upon receiving the Posto card, the user shall sign the declaration of reception of the Posto card and agreement with the rules and conditions listed in this Rule book.

2.8. The customers that are in possession of the old Okov discount card can fill in The application for Posto card, and Okov d.o.o. shall issue Posto card with the same discount rate as they had on the old card, and this discount shall be valid within the first accumulation period. The first accumulation period for the users who had the old Okov discount card shall start on 01.4.2016.

2.9. On request from the legal entity – user of the Posto card, Okov d.o.o. shall issue maximum 8 copies of the card, in accordance with the presented list of persons authorized by the legal entity – user of the Posto card.


3. Use of Posto Card

3.1. The user of the Posto card shall have the right to record every purchase within Okov retail shops and Okov webshop, for the purpose of acquiring the right for discount.

3.2. To record the purchase within Okov retail shop, the user shall present the Posto card to the cashier, to scan the Posto card, which must be performed before the finalization of the bill for that purchase. To record the purchase within Okov webshop, the user needs to open User Account and connect it with Posto Card, according to webshop's user manual.

3.3. Every purchase recorded in the manner described above will be added up on the Posto card: in retail store immediately after the invoice is concluded, and on the webshop within 5 days from the date of delivery of the order.

3.4. The user will gain the right to a discount when the total value of the purchases reaches a certain condition, within the accumulation period, and in accordance with the table below:

3.5. The right to a discount is granted for the duration of one accumulation period.

3.6. The accumulation period shall last for 180 days, and shall begin on the day of issuing the Posto card, or on the day of transfer to a higher discoubt rank, if the user has fulfilled all the requirements provided in the section 3.4. of the Rule book before the expiration of 180th day of the given accumulation period.

3.7. Upon the expiration of one accumulation period, the next period shall automatically start.

3.8. Upon the expiration of an accumulation period, the user of the Posto card shall, depending on the total amount of recorded purchases, remain within the current rank, or be transferred to a lower, corresponding to the amount of purchases made within that period.

3.9. At the beginning of a new period, the previously realized purchase value shall be annulled.

3.10. The information about the current amount of the purchases, as well as the time of expiration of the accumulation period shall be given upon the finalizing of the bill.

3.11. The given discount shall be referred to all products, except those which are on promotional sale, already on discount or clearance sale, as well as those which are excluded from the discount program, and for which the clear and evident information will be put in each Okov retail shop.

3.12. The granted discount shall be used only with cash, bank transfer and credit card payment, with exception of those cards which provide certain benefits (discount and payment by instalments).

3.13. The granted discount shall not be combined with any other benefit (external loyalty program, etc.).

3.14. The purchase of the goods on promo sale, with discount or on clearance sale, as well as the goods excluded from the discount program shall, however, be recorded and added to the total amount on the Posto card.

3.15. Purchases settled with payment cards which provide benefits (discount and payment by instalments), as well as purchases where other benefits were included (extern loyalty programs, etc.) shall not be recorded nor be pulled into the total value of purchase on Posto card.

3.16. The acquired right for discount shall be used solely by the owner of the Posto card.

3.17. Posto card does not oblige the customer to shop.


4. The Loss or Theft of Posto Card

4.1. In case of loss or theft of the Posto card, the user shall notify company Okov d.o.o. about it at once.

4.2. In case of loss or theft of the Posto card, the user may request issuing of a new Posto card.

4.3. The lost or stolen card shall be cancelled, and the accumulated amount of purchases shall be transferred to the new Posto card.


5. Cancellation of Posto Card

5.1.Okov D.o.o. shall reserve the right to cancel any Posto card, with no prior notice. The nullity of the card shall take effect from the moment of delivering a written notice about cancellation to the user of Posto card.

5.2.The user of Posto card has the right to cancel their card by written request at any time, with the return of this card. The nullity of the card shall take effect from the moment of returning the Posto card.


6. Rule Book Amendments

6.1. Every amendment of the Rule book on issuing and using the Posto card shall be announced on the website, and shall take effect within 8 days from the day of announcement.

6.2. The amendments of the Rule book on issuing and using Posto cards shall be deemed accepted by the user, unless the user cancels the card within 8 days from the announcement of amendments.


7. Protection of personal data

7.1.The user of Posto card agrees that their personal data, given in the Application for the Posto card, can be acquired, processed and used in accordance with The Law on Protection of Personal Data.

7.2. The user of Posto card is familiar with their right to, at any time, withdraw this declaration of consent, at which point they cease to be the user of the card.

7.3. The personal data of the user are kept in electronic form, within the information system of Okov d.o.o.

7.4. Okov d.o.o. shall not share the personal data of the Posto card user with any third person. 

7.5. The user of the Posto card agrees that their personal data may be processed and used by Okov d.o.o. for marketing purposes (solely for sending promotional notifications about the benefits).

7.6. The user of Posto card is familiar with their right to, at any time, send a written demand that their personal data may not be processed and used for marketing purposes.


This Rule book shall enter into force on 1st February 2018.

The Rule book is available to users in hard copy on request, as well as on the website